Homebrew Geeks

A list of the #pdxbeergeeks who are also homebrewers (have questions about homebrewing? one of us can point you in the right direction!):
@AGSHender (Andrew Self)
@Silver4269 (Brett Begani)
@ShortSnoutBrew (Brian VanOrnum) 
@HumuloneRed (Charles Culp)
@DrSci (Chris Milner)
@TastyBeers (Doug Smith)
@Dukester (Duke Geren)
@emilyengdahl (Emily Engdahl) 
@Pa_YimsThoughts (Jim Keyes)
@plinythedrury (Joe Drury)
@joetothemo (Joe Morris)  
@BadFetch (Justin Craft)
@pdxLance (Lance Means) 
@Mike_Marsh (Mike Marsh)  
@forkandpint (Tigg Orr)
@NSPBeerBlog (Sanjay Reddy)

looking for local homebrew supplies and resources?
FH Steinbart
Homebrew Exchange
PDX U Brew
Main Street Home Brew
Above the Rest
Brew Brothers
Let's Brew 
Bader Brewing

looking for local homebrewing clubs and associations?
Oregon Homebrewers Alliance
Oregon Brew Crew
PDX Brewers Club
Portland Brewers Collective


  1. Hey, you guys don't have NoPo Brews on there?!

  2. All we need is the information, and we can add on!! Always happy to add anyone who wants to be listed, but we try to have permission first :)

  3. Hey there how are you guys? I think I met you (Michael, i think)a few months back at the chowder challenge at Lompoc. Just came across your card again. I have an episode of The Brew Happy Show that I will be filming next Tuesday (18th). It will take place on a Brew Cycle tour with special guest John Foyston (beer writer for the Oregonian). I need to fill seats on this tour, if a couple of you folks want to tag along and talk beer I have a seat or two left. --Damian

    1. I'd be happy to depending on the time frame. Please email me direct at michael (at) pdxbeergeeks (dot) com so we can discuss further. Thank you!

  4. I could have never even imagined ever how homebrewing could help preparing the best beer, unless my friends helped learning the right technique of making craft beer with least expenditure.