Beer Map!

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A pinpoint map of some of the best places in Portland including iconic stops like Powells City of Books, Voodoo Donut, Portland Saturday Market and the Horse Brass Pub.

Our pubs and breweries often have some of the best food in Portland, so you won't go hungry. If you're looking for bottles of craft beer to take home or back to the hotel, even our bottle shops have things to nosh on while you visit. The restaurants listed (as indicated by the fork and knife icon) also have drinks (beer or cocktails) as well - the only exception to this is Pine St. Biscuits (but it's well worth the trip!). Notable ice cream stops are Salt & Straw (beer flavored ice cream) & Ruby Jewel Scoops (fantastic gourmet flavors) - and don't miss Random Order Coffee House for pie (they're open late!).

Curated by @emilyengdahl of @pdxbeergeeks (extra thanks to @pdxbeers, @mmcooljam, @pdxlance, @Slainte_Mhaith, @beervanabuzz, @beer47, @huckfinzbeerbuz, @itspubnight & @yaeger for extra suggestions!)