One night not long ago (Wednesday, July 20, 2011 to be exact) a couple of beery people met up over beers during the Upright Brewing event at Belmont Station's Puckerfest. After an hour or so of hearty laughter and general mirth, they moved the party to a local brewery in an effort to further their #31beers / #31breweries accomplishments for Oregon Craft Beer Month. Born from initial friendship over local beer, and the resulting discussion of organizing a group of locals for quarterly gathering to enjoy and discuss craft beers, #pdxbeergeeks is the brain child of Michael (@mmcooljam) and Emily (@emilyengdahl).

fearless leaders & craft beer lovers!

#pdxbeergeeks took flight quickly, developing into a small group over the following weekend with an informal gathering at Short Snout Brew. Beers were enjoyed... Brainstorming was done... and the rest, as they say, is history. 

#pdxbeergeeks exist as ambassadors of the craft beer world. Living in Portland affords us rich opportunities to interact with other citizen beer fans, and our local brewers.Focusing on supporting our local craft beer economy, we encourage consumer education, good geeksmanship, community craft beer connections, resource building, informed craft beer choices, and keeping craft beer fun and accessible.

Please feel free to join our Facebook page (no haters - we're keeping it social and low-politics), follow us on Twitter @pdxbeergeeks, and watch discussions on Twitter with #pdxbeergeeks.

Welcome! Grab a beer and hang out!

emily & michael

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