Wednesday, March 22, 2017

McMenamins Announces Limited Edition IPA Series

It's no secret we're fond of McMenamins! With all of the historic locations, unique artwork, and quirky nature it is easy to be a fan. We have heard people complain about The Kingdom before, but we've always stuck by their side. One of the most common complaints is about the long standing flagship beers. When at a McMenamins remember if you are tired of the main line-up, you can always go with one of the more creative one-offs. Now that McMenamins has given their brewers the freedom to play around, it could be one of the best beers you've ever had! We're excited to share this new rotating series with you...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Something is Brewing in the 'Couve and #pdxbeergeeks is Bringing it to You!

The Second Annual Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference is coming to Vancouver WA March 16th and 17th and #pdxbeergeeks will be sending frequent contributor and avid homebrewer Joe Morris to cover the festivities and it promises to be a blast.