Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Profile Series : Growing Local Beer : Brewing a Truly Local Beer

Guest post by Joe Morris

It was an absolute blast visiting our local growers for the Growing Local Beer series.  And I'd like to extend an enormous "Thank you" to Crosby Hop Farm, Imperial Organic Yeast, and Mecca Grade Estate Malt.  Each of our featured subjects extended amazing generosity and were very free with their time. The truly great thing about the craft beer and brewing communities is the willingness of everyone to teach and learn about making better beer.

While the Growing Local Beer project was underway, I offered our growers the opportunity to participate in a product demonstration to be featured on #pdxbeergeeks as well as my homebrew blog, Portland Ale Blazer.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Profile Series : Growing Local Beer : Mecca Grade Estate Malt

Guest post from Joe Morris

At the end of a long dirt road against a backdrop of Central Oregon farmland, Seth Klann is unlocking the door to what he calls, "The Area 51 of Craft Malt."  This is not the place you would expect to find a super secret rebel base designed for a craft malt revolution.  Most of the farms out here are known for growing for food, feed and seed. That's exactly Klann's family has done on their land for over 100 years.  But a love of homebrewing led Seth to find a way to marry his pastime with his family legacy in creating Mecca Grade Estate Malt.