Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Have Yourself a Beer-y Christmas!

Beer-y Christmas Advent Calendar
Last week we were contacted to help promote an incredible idea, a fully customized beer advent calendar!  The idea is still in prototype mode, but we're looking forward to seeing it next holiday season, and know a few people who would love to receive this as a gift. 

Seattleite Reinvents Advent Calendar With Beer, Lumberjacks and Northwest Legend

Seattle, November 15, 2013: Three years ago, West Seattle resident Heather Arment had a dilemma. What was the perfect Christmas gift? That little question sent her on a year long journey that transformed into Beer-y Christmas™, a beer advent calendar for adults.

“The gift of booze is always a win with adults” explains Arment. “But while booze is an easy gift, I also wanted it to be a memorable gift. I wanted to be able to give my adult friends something that brought back the holiday magic they felt when they were kids.”The traditional advent calendar was the inspiration behind Arment’s solution, providing recipients with a daily, frothy surprise as they count down the holidays. Beer-y Christmas™ is a 12-pack partitioned cardboard case that, once sealed shut, can only be opened through 12 perforated doors. “This way, there’s no peeking!” says Arment with a laugh.

Alcohol must be purchased separately, which Arment explains will allow the person giving the gift to customize the 12 day calendar with beer they know the recipient will love. Because she wants Beer-y Christmas™ to be about that childlike anticipation of the holiday experience, Arment didn't want to be the face behind Beer-y Christmas™.

“Christmas is full of stories and believing in miracles,” she says. “So I wanted to create a little story and miracle for Beer-y Christmas™.”

So she created a legend. A legend that, Arment explains, involves a northwest logger saved by a lager... or more precisely, 12 of them, rationed out till Christmas day. “I’m sure a lot of people can relate in some way to the legend,” Arment says with a smile on her face, “I know that during the holiday season I've been saved by a drink or two as well!”

To find out how you can purchase your Beer-y Christmas™ advent calendar, contact at

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