Monday, February 18, 2013

Captured By Porches Update

Captured By Porches Photo Credit: Kayte J. 
According to the Captured By Porches (CBP) Facebook page all of their beer buses have been shut down. Hopefully this is only temporary. They have noted this on their webpage: “Due to licensing issues involving the City of Portland directly, Captured by Porches is closing its doors temporarily, pending a decision to be allowed to continue operation by the OLCC Commission. After accepting our temporary licenses as sufficient for operating purposes for the last 2 YEARS, the City of Portland has taken away Captured by Porches right to use such licenses by stating that we have used them as though they were annual licenses when, in fact, we did not have an annual license. Captured by Porches has been left to await a decision to determine whether or not we can still use temporaries in our business.

We do not intend to disappear, and will keep you posted when any new events occur. If you are interested in us, and are not yet a friend of ours on Facebook, please friend us to receive any information regarding our situation and any new progressions with it.”

I’ll surely miss the CBP beer buses. Located at food cart pods throughout the City they provided Portland with a unique beer experience. Sitting outside at a picnic table with a plate full of food and a mason jar filled with beer felt so right. CBP, we’ll see you again soon!

Special guest post by Chris Baker of