Saturday, December 1, 2012


You know the holidays are in full swing as soon as the tents are up in Pioneer Square. It's also a good indicator it's time for the Holiday Ale Festival. A five day line up of some of the most amazing beers perfect for the winter season.

This year I decided to attend on Wednesday. Usually a little quieter then the weekend. One of favorite things is seeing old friends, and maybe even making some new ones. Then there the beers, certainly the whole reason we are there. Of the ten or twelve beers I sampled, the real stand out for me was Cascade Diesel #2.  Also kudos to The Commons for Boysen!  Also as an added bonus event coordinators pulled out a few surprises.  Wednesday it was a 4 year vertical of Deschutes Abyss 07-10. What a wonderful treat.

If you haven't made it down the Pioneer Square I highly recommend it!

Angelo of Brewpublic
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