Monday, November 19, 2012

A Day With Sean Burke and Brewvana Brewery Tours

#pdxbeergeeks was fortunate enough to HOP on the Brewvana connoisseur tour Sunday led by Sean Burke of The Commons Brewery. Sean took us to some of his favorite locations around Portland.

Our tour guide Nikki laying down the law.
Our first stop was, of course, The Commons Brewery, where we picked up Sean and were treated to samples from Michael Wright, owner of the brewery. The real stand out beer was Walnut, a delicious Belgian porter. (There are no walnuts in the beer.)

Drinking companions (photo by Brewvana)
Our second stop was the always delightful Upright Brewing. Alex was there to give us a brief tour of the facilities.  At this stop we were fortunate to sample a beer of our choosing. I went with the barrel aged Seven. Delicious!

Sean and Nikki
Our third stop was Old Town Pizza, a local place I've had the pleasure of visiting a few times. We were treated to some damn yummy pizza, and several samples of the beer brewed there. The oatmeal stout was certainly worth having. I want more! Also if you ever stop in, I highly recommend an order of the garlic knots.

Scott Guckel, brewer at Old Town Pizza
Our fourth and final stop was Occidental Brewing, nestled just underneath the St. John's bridge next to Cathedral Park. This was a real treat as I had not had a chance to visit. I really enjoyed the Dunkelweizen.

Dan Engler, brewer at Occidental
Certainly a fun time was had by all. If you have never taken a tour with Brewvana I highly recommend doing it. It's always a good time!!