Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fifteenth Avenue Hophouse Turns One!

Congratulations to the Fifteenth Avenue Hophouse for turning one today! After getting off to a rocky start because of opposition from the neighborhood, they have proven to be an excellent addition. In celebration, there is an anniversary party starting today at 5 pm.

One highlight of this occasion is the announcement of a mug club. There are two different levels of membership, annual and lifetime. Annual memberships are $25 and limited to 40 individuals. Lifetime subscriptions are $100 and limited to 30 people. Perks to this are members will receive 18 oz. beers at 12 oz. prices and happy hour prices all day on Wednesdays. Also, after purchasing beers from 25 different breweries, members will receive a $25 gift card (one time only).  As an added incentive for annual members, if you order 100 beers from 100 different breweries you will receive a lifetime membership! This sounds like an incredible deal, and I hope to take advantage of it. More information for the mug club and events planned can be found here.