Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Time For Evolution At Migration Brewing

One of the only pieces that will remain of the old logo. 
Change is in store for Migration Brewing this weekend. Migration received a cease and desist order in the summer of 2011 from Portland's Multnomah Athletic Club for copyright infringement of the MAC logo. I met the owners of Migration this week to discuss the situation. Of course, upset by this action, the decision was made to focus on the creation of a new design and avoid a costly, drawn out court battle. 

"It really allowed us to step back, look at ourselves and reevaluate who we are and where we are going" ~ McKean

Kudos to Migration for taking the high road and using this time to focus on making great beer and not lawsuits. Join the team from Migration on August 11th to celebrate the launch of the new logo. 

Multnomah Athletic Club logo

Old Migration logo

New Migration logo

From Press Release - 

Migration’s New Logo

Migration is excited to share the evolution of our company’s new logo. Why is Migration changing their logo? Simply said, we have chosen to evolve the logo due to a cease and desist filed by the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) last summer. Under the threat of being sued over this issue, we decided that we would prefer to spend our time making great beer rather than getting caught up in a potentially costly and time consuming lawsuit.

We are excited about the rollout of our new look and have worked hard to produce new tap handles, merchandise and marketing materials that better communicate our brand and company story. We appreciate the loyal support shown by our friends, customers and community and we look forward to keep following our passion of making great beer for great people. So please join us in raising a glass to our evolution Saturday, August 11th 2012 with specialty beers, giveaways, and a celebration focusing on the new logo rollout.