Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interview Series : Meet the Geek : Mindy Humphrey of Mindys Beer Gear

Mindy of Mindy's Beer Gear enjoying a pint
Name: Mindy Humphrey

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Favorite Beer: Breakside's Belgian White IPA

Favorite Beer Haunt: Breakside

What was the first craft brew you ever tried? Tatonka Stout from BJ's in Brea, CA

What did you think? There's more than Guinness out there!

Do you homebrew?

How’d you hear about the pdxbeergeeks?
It was trending.

What does being a beer geek mean to you? I refuse to make Coors, Bud, and Miller beer gear, therefore I am a beer geek.

If you could change one thing about beer culture in the US, what would it be? Convince those who believe they don't like the taste of craft beer that they just haven't had the right one.

What do you love about Portland’s Craft Beer scene?
That it's not a big beer competition between the breweries. It's a community of collaboration and support which nurtures better beer.

Where can we find you on the web?
Mindy Humphrey
Mindy's Beer Gear
Twitter: @MindysBeerGear