Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PCC Celebrates 50th Anniversary with McMenamins Partnership

Introduction written by Connie Umphress

On Wednesday February 1st, McMenamins will be rolling out a new brew honoring Portland Community College’s anniversary and the college’s founder, Dr. Amo DeBernardis. “Dr. De’s Special Bitter” will be on tap at the pubs closest to the college’s major campuses and center: Mall 205, Rock Creek Tavern, The Chapel Pub, and John Barleycorns.

The college has been part of my life for a long time, I am proud to say I am a graduate and an employee. One of the taglines for this district-wide celebration is “Opportunity – Then. Now. Always.” The college has given me and millions of students in the Portland metro area opportunities; opportunity to explore vocations, opportunity to re-build lives and opportunity to access education.

Cheers to PCC on this huge milestone and cheers to McMenamins for celebrating this anniversary with the college.

From press release - In the early 60s, spurred by the Soviets’ launch of Sputnik and a perceived “missile gap,” the U.S. responded with a program to get more of its people educated. Support for higher education flowed from the Federal government and the community college movement was born.

Called Napoleonic, imaginative, compassionate, grumpy and innovative, Amo DeBernardis, known as “Dr. De,” seized the moment and created Portland Community College from the adult education wing of Portland Public Schools. Driven by the revolutionary idea that all people—not just the elite—deserve a chance to better their lot through education, Dr. De fought all naysayers to nurture the college through its formative years, setting the path for the next 50 years of opportunity that PCC now celebrates this anniversary year.

Collaborating with McMenamins brewers at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and John Barleycorns, PCC decided to honor this gray-suited 1960s rebel and former student of North Portland’s Kennedy School with an commemorative elixir thusly dubbed 'Dr. De’s Special Bitter.'

This special ale highlights Oregon’s deep brewing culture. Combining Oregon-grown 2-Row barley, a touch of character malt, Oregon-grown hops, and fermented with Oregon-grown yeast, Dr. De's Special Bitter is a delightfully balanced and refreshing reminder of just how good we have it here. Subtle malts underlie a robust, well-mannered hopping that ends each sip with an invitation to take another.

This February, join us in raising a pint to the inimitable Dr. De, PCC and 50 years of opportunity and the pursuit of higher learning at the following McMenamins locations closest in proximity to the 4 PCC campuses: The Chapel Pub, McMenamins Mall 205, John Barleycorns & the Rock Creek Tavern.

OG 1.047
TG 1.008
ABV 5.03%