Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vintage Beer Trucks...

1941 Dodge COE Miller beer truck
1941 Dodge COE

White COE Labatt's beer truck
White Labatt’s truck @ 1986 EXPO in Vancouver BC

possibly a White Labatt's beer truck
Sakhnoffsky-designed White Labatt’s truck

pair of White Labatt's beer trucks
White tractors with Fruehauf trailers

Fruehauf Labatt's beer trailer
Fruehauf Labatt’s trailer

1937 Ford Grain Belt Beer truck
1937 Ford

proposed General Body Company Schlitz beer truck
Proposed Schlitz truck by the General Body Company

1935 Stewart Edelbrau beer truck
1935 Stewart

1930s GMC O'Keefe beer truck
1930s GMC

Fruehauf trailer hauling Brading's beer
Fruehauf trailer, unknown tractor

1938 White Grain Belt Beer truck
1938 White
I love this Labatt's streamlined trailer. It's SO cool. 

Aside from the fact that Morgan at Ninkasi and I seemed to be finding the EXACT same image at the same split second (that was so perfectly timed and weird it gave me the heebie jeebies) - I really love these old streamlined beer trucks. Holy cats I wish I could have one of these babies for #pdxbeergeeks road trippery. Which one is *your* favorite?