Friday, January 13, 2012

Lucky Town of Jackson Mississippi: Kickstarter Launch!

Congratulations to Lucky Town Brewing Company for their live Kickstarter launch!

Chip from Lucky Town has been keeping us #pdxbeergeeks in the loop for the last 6 months - updating us on their progress - which is considerable when one realizes that there is no brewery within 150 miles of Jackson, Mississippi, but the craft beer community there is thriving. People love local beer! We're so spoiled with great beer and local choices here in Portland, Oregon - can you imagine having to drive 150 miles to seek out a great brewery?

Last night, Lucky Town Brewing launched their Kickstarter project by hosting the "Kickstart Bold Beer Party," at a local craft beer supportive restaurant to show the video premiere that was created by a local videographer, local musicians, and local volunteers. Chip writes:

"First, I want to say thank you for being a voice for craft beer and for the little guys like us. We appreciate all that you do and your work is truly an asset for the craft beer community. As many of you know, Mississippi suffers from some of the strictest beer legislation in the country, which is one reason why there is only one production brewery located in Mississippi currently. Since the laws do not allow for many to bring their beer to Mississippi, we at Lucky Town intend to give the local craft beer enthusiasts a broader choice.
Despite not being allowed to legally serve or even brew our beer yet, we have sold enough tickets to tonight's party to fill the room. The support that we have experienced is humbling and is further proof that Mississippi deserves more choices in beer. Since we are not able to legally serve our
beer tonight, we have selected four locally brewed beers (as local as you can find here) to serve tonight, and we look forward to being able to join the other breweries on local taps in the future... We need your help to connect to world outside of Mississippi."

We've seen what local support can do in Portland; we all benefit daily from the intensive community, the tremendous choice, the camaraderie, and the economic advantages of our local craft beer scene. As a craft beer enthusiast, I'm passionate about supporting the "little guys," at home and across the country, in an effort to ensure that our local economies are strengthened, jobs stay in the United States, and to provide some great beer to drink when I'm traveling.

We know from recent reports that there is still a need and a niche for more craft breweries in the United States. We know from people like The Roaming Pint that the craft beer industry is churning out winning beers all over - from Oregon locals like Barley Brown's Turmoil by Shawn Kelso to Cigar City Brewing in Florida, with their Minaret ESB. Craft beer works!

Take a moment to look at Lucky Town's Kickstarter campaign. Consider our own hometown success story of Brian VanOrnum with Short Snout Brewing in Milwaukie, Oregon. Donate a buck or two to Lucky Town - the equivalent of buying Chip or his crew a pint, and know that if you do, you'll have some great beer in Mississippi when you get there. At the very least, pass along the link or send a high five to all those at Lucky Town. 

We might all live in different cities, with different tastes, and different paths. But one thing I've learned from this industry is that by and large, location and distance don't matter to those who support one another - if you're into craft beer, you're family. Congratulations, Lucky Town, for breaking the ice in Jackson and going for the gusto. We're all behind you!