Monday, December 26, 2011

Fort George... Simply Fantastic.

Fort George Brewery and Public House. One of my favorite places in Oregon.

Consistently fantastic service, our recent forays there were filled with delicious food, delicious beer, and (thanks to John in the tap room) some of the best, most personal, kid friendly and gracious service I've ever had, anywhere. We were a large group, with three kids in tow. John took our orders, educated my guests on the beers, poured samples and discussed them, and literally ran to get us food and beer.

We met Brian, and on my next trip in later in the week, Jack the brewer was there and stopped to chat for a few moments. I was sad to miss the Seafood and Belgian Ales Brewer's Dinner - the menu by Chef Dana looked delicious.

People of Fort George, you are some of the nicest and best representation of craft beer in Oregon. Thanks for being awesome.