Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big Changes at Bridgetown Beerhouse

After being open for just over three years our friends at Bridgetown Beerhouse have made some pretty big changes. They have recently remodeled the bottleshop, added a new bartop, several tables, five rotating taps, and extended hours.  It's a nice addition to the existing space. An official grand opening isn't planned until after the new year. Beers are pouring now though. 

Current tap list
Also planned is an upcoming release party for the Ninkasi & Stone Brewing collaboration, The Alchemist More Brown Than Black IPA.  The story behind The Alchemist is available on Stone Brewing's blog. This release event is set tentatively for January 19th. 

Stop by and enjoy some great beers while picking up some holiday refreshments. Just tell them the "mayor" sent you. 

Craft beer is sexy!


  1. On a negative note, Bridgetown Beerhouse is no longer a quick browse and buy stop anymore. With taps like Hop Venom and RPM on, plan at least an hour!

  2. Very cool! Like the tasting corner, and tables! I am sure that during the day, one could quickly browse and snag the goodies.. thinking evening hours would make it more difficult. Once the shock wears off, and bugs are ironed out.. I am sure there will be no wait. Can't wait to get over there! Nice write-up! Nice to see the going-ons!