Friday, November 4, 2011

Want to open a brewpub? Looking for space?

Email in the pdxbeergeeks box this am says: "I'm hoping to attract a brewpub or craft beer bar to open near me. There's a space that just opened up - a former Mexican restaurant, 3200 sq ft, in a busy shopping center in Washington County near Nike & Intel. There isn't a brewpub for miles around. The address of the space is 17683B SW Farmington Road and the phone# is 503-201-9938.

I'm not associated with the space, I just want a pub in my neighborhood! How can I get the word out to people who want to open a pub?"

GET THE WORD OUT!!! If you know people who are looking for space and/or opportunity, let them know that area is ripe for the picking! {emily}