Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stout Day 2011

Much like #IPAday, #StoutDay was a day to do what many of us already do; drink a great beer. But also like Ashley's vision for expanding the beery horizons for those unfamiliar with IPA's, Erin wanted Stout Day to showcase another worthy style. Is it necessary to have special days dedicated to specific beer styles? No, not really. But does the support of current craft beer lovers carry over into the less informed public, and do we have a chance at converting some otherwise uninformed imbibers to the craft beer revolution? Absolutely. Enthusiasm is infectious, and positivity breeds change.

Now, I'm not hoping or suggesting that we have a Gose Day, or a Wit Day... I don't need a Porter Day or a day dedicated to Reds... However, I love the idea of spreading the word, en masse, via the Twitters, for the good of craft beer everywhere.

Today, I toasted Stout Day with a Storm King from Victory. Dark, gloriously chompy, and velvety smooth, I dropped a Tea Forte chai spice infusion pyramid into it for a little twist.

As I pondered how to describe the drink in front of me (like midnight in India, chai spiced stout, darkness descending from a khaki sky...) I marveled again at this amazing community of craft beer supporters.

Good job, Stout Day. Even this -  the simplest action of choosing a stout over the other styles in my fridge - brought some creativity and newness to my palate this evening. Cheers to Stout Day!