Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#pdxbeergeeks on #holiday: Great Divide Brewing Co., a self-guided tour

In addition to attending the #GABF, I had the pleasure of visiting several Colorado craft breweries... one of which was the mighty impressive (not to mention tasty!) Great Divide Brewing Company.

While I'm not sure of the details, it seems (?) that Great Divide recently opened their "party porch" (located in their Tank Farm) to the public... and, to get there, one must traverse through the brewery -- which is where my self-guided tour began :)! However, according to their blog, it appears that the "party porch" is now history; they need the space for more tanks/etc. With that, I'm happy that I was able to get there when I did!

OK, time for the photo tour! Apologies in advance :( for not being able to share the delicious aroma (hops) that filled the brewery...

above the entrance is a mighty large bottle of tasty #craftbeer!

and the tour begins...

ah, barrels... no doubt filled with (aging) tasty goodness!

i do believe... indeed :D

the bottling line...

...and, the finished product!

so many kegs, so little time :D

oh my, where to begin???!?

more decisions!

a shot from the "party porch"/Tank Farm

thank you, Great Divide! until we meet again...