Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#pdxbeergeeks on #holiday: day one, adventures in Denver!

Our guest posts from Erik (@epeep) continue today in the next installment of #GABF adventures - a part of our #pdxbeergeeks on holiday series. While some of you were at the Fresh Hop Festival here, close to home in Hood River, Erik was gallivanting about Denver, rustling up beery adventures of his own! - emily

Adventures indeed! So, I arrived to Colorado
sans problem... and made it into town; well, a tad out of town. Had plans to meet up with the Denver Brews Cruise (Denver's equivalent of Brewvana) for a brewery tour after a quick (key word) bus ride into town...

Though, sadly, not knowing Denver, I hopped on the wrong bus and ended up missing the tour :(. I did, however, make it downtown and was still determined to get to Strange Brewing... with that, I hopped on another bus and off I went!

En route, I realized that the bus wasn't really taking me to Strange Brewing -- bus ride #fail, indeed :/. That said, I arrived at the “closest” bus stop, walked the .8 mile to Strange Brewing... and, upon arrival, downed three delicious pints of ice water -- indeed, with the Denver sunshine at full force and the temperature approaching 90°, I was a sweaty mess :D.


Sweaty mess or not, I was ready for a tasty Colorado #craftbeer! I went with the Cherry Bomb Belgian Stout (according to their website, the world's first belgian wheat stout). Tasty indeed, especially for being a “mistake.”

Strange Brewing's tasty #craftbeer collection

While enjoying my beverage and exploring the brewery, I noticed a #craftbeer-esque van parked outside... I was in luck, the Denver Brews Cruise was making its rounds!!! After a quick chat with Captain Brent, I was able to negotiate an unofficial tour of my own -- no doubt, the benefits of #pdxbeergeeks are paying off :D! With that, upon finishing my Cherry Bomb, we headed to Renegade Brewing, one of Denver's newest (only three months old!) craft breweries.

Had a nice chat with Captain Brent and met a friendly Denverite (& homebrewer!) at Renegade... of course, I let 'em know all 'bout #pdxbeergeeks :). Of Renegade's beers, I think the most interesting was their Sunday Morning, a coffee-infused American strong ale. Most (if not all?) coffee beers I've had have been porters or stouts... however, it was no doubt just as tasty! I also enjoyed their Una Más (a Mexican style amber with roasted poblano peppers).

Mmm... Beer indeed :D

Renegade's offerings

the Una Más & Another Thrill (an imperial baltic porter)

Renegade's brewing facilities: small but shiny!

From Renegade, Captain Brent and I headed to the Breckenridge Brewery (& BBQ) where I grabbed some tasty noms (beef brisket!) and a tasty Porter Porter (yes, I said it twice), part of their Small Batch/471 Series. While I was tempted to go with their Vanilla Porter (my absolute favorite!), I thought trying something new would be best; after all, it was my very first visit to the brewery. Besides, I ended up taking some Vanilla Porter back home with me :D!


With multiple bus rides and my lack of sleep catching up with me (not to mention the #craftbeer), my first day in Denver was complete. Plus, I had to conserve my energy for the #GABF! With that in mind, my next meal would likely be breakfast...

Strange Brewing's take on breakfast :D