Monday, October 24, 2011

Food Day 2011

Today's post is by special guest columnist Connie Umphress. It is a little different then what we would usually focus on, but the message is important regardless.

Just a note that today is Food Day, kind of like Earth Day, but for food policy reform. Oregon’s Governor Kitzhaber will be declaring it a statewide Food Day along with mayors and governors across the nation. You #pdxbeergeeks are practicing all the right things to be fringe Food Day participants. 

Beer is not included in the Six Principles of Food Day, per se, but many of our favorite brewers and brewpubs are sourcing locally, organically, and sustainably. These are right in line with the mission of Food Day’s founders. Even brewing your own beer is a component in the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. Using growlers to transport local beer must be more sustainable than big beer’s aluminum cans, right?

“Americans are craving change—they are improving their diets and they want to steer food and farm policies in a more just and sustainable direction,” said Michael F. Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, organizers of Food Day. If you can, support the movement by attending one of the events in your neighborhood. If you cannot attend an event, support a local restaurant that takes advantage of amazing local agriculture. Farmer’s Markets, Community supported agriculture (CSA) and grocery stores with local roots are great places to exercise your right to better food, and a healthier local economy.

Celebrate those cold weather root vegetables, select an organic option next time you have a choice, and recycle your cans and bottles. It is all connected; clean food cannot grow where there is no clean water or air. Everyone and everything deserves clean and healthy food and water.