Monday, October 17, 2011

An Evening With Coalition Brewing and Coalator Program

The fall harvest moon

Our hosts Coalition Brewing

Special guest brewer Brett & Jess Begani

The beer.  A coffee stout.

Gerrik of Baristador's and Brain of Short Snout Brewing talking shop.

It was an exceptionally rainy Tuesday evening in Portland while heading to Coalition Brewing.  As many of you probably know, Coalition hosts the coalator program which is designed to reach out to the local homebrew community, allowing participants the opportunity to work and learn alongside our brewers.  Fellow #pdxbeergeeks Brett & Jess Begani's recipe for a coffee stout was chosen to be brewed and served.  The stout was incredibly rich with coffee.  If you love coffee, you would love this beer.  It was nice to see a good turn out to help promote a friend and a great program.  For anyone who brews and wants more information on the coalator program can get more info here.