Monday, October 31, 2011

Bison Brew Organic Gingerbread Ale

The lovely Ashley (of Beer Wench and Bison Brew fame) sent me some of Bison's Gingerbread Ale, and I have to say that it could not have arrived on a better day. When a girl is feeling grey and grumpy, what better to arrive from the adorable UPS man (at work, no less!) than beer mail from a far away friend?!

Departing work (I did make a valiant pitch to the boss to drink it at lunch) I scooted home and poured this delicious treat into one of my favorite glasses. Settling in the corner of the living room next to my spooky owl, in my favorite chair, I pondered the beer before me. I've never had Bison Brew before. Ever. I didn't know what to expect!

Now, to be fair, I purposefully avoided any reading of the bottle so that I wouldn't have any pre-conceived notions. I was thusly a bit surprised at how dark the beer poured. I was expecting something copper colored, but this was beautiful. A deep ruby/garnet backlit, deep brown beer, it pours with quick carbonation, lively fawn head, great retention, and fine lacing.

Nose is top notes of ginger, a little gingerbread cookie dough, malty, and molasses. Nutmeg and cookie flavors pull through the first sip, rounding out to a nice chompy drink. Full, velvety, and no harsh notes, I like the darker malts that lend some subtle chocolate/roasty that lingers at the finish.
This goes down very smoothly. Would be fantastic substituted for water in a pumpkin bread or brownies - and in or accompanying hearty fall soups. I love how the spices come through as just a whisper instead of a holler. This was really enjoyable, very drinkable, and quite tasty!

I'd have to agree, Bison Brew. Gingerbread *might* just be the new pumpkin. Thanks very much for sharing. This is one that I would recommend to fans of pumpkin beers, and a fun change-up to the fall fridge line up!