Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#pdxbeergeeks on #holiday: day one, plane ride!!!

@epeep is on his way to #GABF!
The first transmission from Erik, our #pdxbeergeek in the field, on his way to the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado! Follow along as we hear from @epeep for more #pdxbeergeeks on #holiday!

It's official, #GABF 2011 has begun! Woke up at 2:03 this morning after a fulfilling 57 minutes of sleep; nope, not able to sleep... is it Christmas morning or is the #GABF about to begin? Oh yes, that's right, the #GABF is Christmas :D.

Now at PDX with my triple caramel fudge mocha, studying the #GABF floor plan and researching the many breweries that I shall soon enjoy! Under an hour to go 'til we lift off... #cannotwait :O!!!

Upon arrival, I hope to head into town for a visit to Strange Brewing (been dying to try their Cherry Bomb Belgian Stout & Paint It Black Honey Coffee Stout). Will also likely hit up Great Divide Brewing (Yeti Imperial Stout) and Breckenridge Brewery (Vanilla Porter!).

Can't say I'll be able to try 2,400 beers today, however, hopefully I'll be able to try at least a few (hundred ;]) once the festival begins!

I am indeed excited about what's to come and look forward to passing along the latest as I receive (and experience!) it :D. Stay tuned on the twitters (#pdxbeergeeks) & on for more to come...

signing out, for now :]