Monday, September 12, 2011

Interview Series : Meet the Geeks : Pete Dunlop of BeervanaBuzz

Pete Dunlop : BeervanaBuzz
Name: Pete Dunlop

Hometown: Clarkston, Wash

Current Town: Portland, OR…since 1989

Favorite Beer Haunt: So hard to choose around here. I know Laurelwood well because it’s close. I really like the vibe at Migration and Coalition. Hair of the Dog has the most exquisite beers. Beermongers is the friendliest. Horse Brass has the best rotating list. The Oregon Brewers Festival is my absolute favorite place to be.

Homebrewer: I homebrewed for 12-13 years, but quit several years ago. I had several consecutive infected batches…something about sanitation. That was it. Some sort of bug got in there and I couldn’t get rid of it.

Favorite brew: I made a lot of heavily hopped ales, but my best brew was a lager called Wise Ass Red Bitter. I made it during the winter in 1995 or so…fermented for a month in the garage. The weather cooperated once, but never again.

Pdxbeergeeks: I learned about you guys as part of my immersion in the Twitter culture at BBC11. I’m now getting a constant feed of relevant beer info, which is great.

What does it mean to be a beer geek? Being a beer geek means thinking about good beer 24/7. If you find yourself thinking about good beer even when you aren’t drinking, you are most likely a beer geek.

What to change about the beer culture? I’d like to see us move away from the bottle and can culture. Locally produced beer consumed at the pub or taken home in a growler or keg is good for the environment and good for craft beer. Transporting macro brews thousands of miles to sell by the bottle or can at Wal-Mart is bad beer policy.

What do I love at PDX beer scene? The seemingly endless number of pubs and brewpubs that have excellent beers, good food, great ambiance and friendly brewers. Best of all, the list keeps growing! This is why we are Beervana.

Current project: The Beermuda Triangle: Inside Portland’s Craft Beer Scene. This eBook will be available soon.