Friday, September 2, 2011

#BBC11 and Beyond

#BBC11 Pub Crawl

After having sometime to reflect and recover from #BBC11 I’ve decided I’m not going to cover every detail that went on. It’s all ready been done. What I want to focus on is the community aspect of an incredible weekend. New friends, old friends, all together to learn and share different ways to communicate a love of quality beer.

I can’t express how special it was to meet so many like minded people. What a great brain pool to draw from. I certainly hope to make some lasting connections from this. I come from the school of thought about keeping it local and community driven. Embrace your audience/fans/members/family/followers, sharing with them, spotlighting your community; learn from and love them. Create a home for them.

Hopefully our take away from this is to help develop a community and to promote beer culture. Always remember “Be beer geeks NOT beer snobs.”

With this being said, go forth and enjoy the weekend. #beergeeks4life