Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who Owns the Beer?

Who Owns the Beer?
Think your choice of drinking macro or craft beer doesn't matter? It does. This is a great visual to show you how much of the market in beer is owned by which companies. Large corporations.

Every choice you make to choose a local or craft beer makes a difference in your local economy.

courtesy Philip H Howard
The beer market is owned in huge part by macro beer companies who spend millions and millions of dollars promoting & marketing their beers. Craft breweries don't have the luxury of spending millions of dollars on marketing & ad campaigns. But people choose to drink craft beer over macros for a number of reasons - taste, supporting local, quality, wider range of choice, and COMMUNITY.

Whatever your reasons for choosing craft beer over macro, the #pdxbeergeeks thank you. If you're not convinced that craft beer is better, maybe give us an opportunity to help you explore some craft beers that are similar in flavor profile to your macros. At the very least, you can always support local when possible, and help the smaller breweries.

*thank you to Luke in Canada for sending this to me. See? We've even got honorary #pdxbeergeeks in other countries sharing info. Community, that's what it's all about. Community, and delicious beer.