Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome PDX Beer Geeks!

Welcome! As many know, the love for craft beer runs deep here in Portland, Oregon. Whether it's nano-breweries, obscure and rare beers, classic standards from well established craft breweries, or even the cult status of mass produced beers like PBR, beer has a special place in the hearts of Cascadians. 
Hopworks Urban Brewery flight (c) emily engdahl
As with many like minded folk, beer geeks are (despite the moniker's history) a social bunch; getting together over beers with friends and welcoming strangers to the table. Beer is a social lubricant, and the bond that begins many long lasting friendships. 
Creativity and opinions abound with beer geeks. A special breed, they wax philosophical about the characteristics of craft beers, Pacific NW hops varieties, suggestions for food pairings... Beer geeks can name years' worth of special one off brews by brewers through their multiple career moves, and compare, contrast and describe beers in eloquent (and often hilarious) ways. Ever helpful, the geekery often extends to other topics as well - science fiction, trivia, just about anything goes, as we discover that most beer geeks are highly intelligent, and despite the allusion to being socially inept, usually do just fine in the friendship department. In fact, in the time that we've been meeting & greeting other beer geeks, it's safe to say that the majority are a loyal, welcoming bunch. 
PDX Beer Geek Mike Marsh's Tuscan Wheat (c) emily engdahl
 To that end, one night not long ago (Wednesday, July 20, 2011 to be exact) a couple of beery people met up over beers during the Upright Brewing event at Belmont Station's Puckerfest. After an hour or so of hearty laughter and general mirth, they moved the party to a local brewery in an effort to further their #31beers / #31breweries accomplishments for Oregon Craft Beer Month. Born from initial friendship over local beer, and the resulting discussion of organizing a group of locals for quarterly gathering to enjoy and discuss craft beers, PDX Beer Geeks is the brain child of Michael (@mmcooljam) and Emily (@emilyengdahl). 
Produce Row Cafe Flight (c) emily engdahl
PDX Beer Geeks took flight quickly, developing into a small group over the following weekend with an informal gathering at Short Snout Brew. Beers were enjoyed... Brainstorming was done... and the rest, as they say, is history. Please feel free to join our Facebook page (no haters - we're keeping it social and low-politics), follow us on Twitter @pdxbeergeeks,  and watch discussions on Twitter with #PDXBeerGeeks. 
Cheers! We look forward to meeting you!